• Total Station Instrument

    Total Station Instrument

      Total station instrument is a modern surveying instrument, which is mainly used to measure and record the spatial coordinates, elevation and angle of various elements on the ground or buildings. Now total station equipment manufacturers or users often plug-in or ...
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  • Mining Equipment Movement Positioning

    Mining Equipment Movement Positioning

    Laser ranging sensors are also commonly used in mining equipment to provide real-time location information. The sensor emits a laser beam that bounces off a reflector or target attached to the mining rig. The sensor then calculates the distance to the reflector, which is used to determine the lo...
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  • Valve Monitoring Of Hydropower Station

    Valve Monitoring Of Hydropower Station

    Laser ranging sensors can be used in hydropower plants to monitor the opening and closing of valves that regulate water flow. The sensor emits a laser beam that bounces off the valve to determine its position. This information can then be transmitted to the control system, which can be used to e...
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  • Crane Claw Positioning

    Crane Claw Positioning

    Laser ranging sensor can be used for crane gripper positioning by measuring the distance between the gripper and the object, it needs to pick up or move. This type of sensor uses laser beams to calculate the distance by measuring the time it takes for the beam to bounce off the object and return...
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  • Garbage Overflow Detection System

    Garbage Overflow Detection System

    The application of laser distance sensor to monitor the garbage in the trash can can replace the garbage removal personnel to regularly check the garbage bin, effectively reducing the management cost of garbage removal and transportation. Avoid the appearance of unfilled garbage bins resulting i...
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  • Smart Lawn Mowers

    Smart Lawn Mowers

    Smart lawn mowers play an important role in farms. Single-point laser ranging sensors can assist lawn mowers in real-time detection and accurate acquisition of obstacle information, which can provide early warning and change operation responses. The interior of the laser sensor has undergone ite...
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  • Material Level Detection

    Material Level Detection

    In addition to the statistical monitoring of temperature and humidity, the grain intelligent management system in the granary can monitor the grain balance, volume and weight by a laser ranging sensor. The sensor can be installed at the top of the warehouse to measure t...
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