High Frequency TOF Laser Sensor

High Frequency TOF Laser Sensor

Lidar distance sensor is a remote sensing technology that uses laser light to measure the distance, velocity and other characteristics of a target object. LiDAR acquires information about objects of interest by emitting pulsed laser beams and receiving the light that bounces back. The high-frequency TOF lidar ranging sensor has high ranging accuracy, usually at the centimeter level. Secondly, the high-frequency TOF sensor has a fast measurement speed, which can monitor the trajectory of the target object in real time and provide accurate distance data. In addition, the lidar range sensor uses a class of laser 905nm, which can be used outdoors under sunlight, has good anti-interference ability, and can work stably under various environmental conditions.

tof laser sensor

Lidar range finders have the following applications:

1. Accurate measurement: Long range lidar can provide more accurate distance measurement, especially for target objects in long-distance and complex scenes. This is important for areas such as map making, building surveying, environmental monitoring, and more.

2. Obstacle detection and obstacle avoidance: lidar distance measurement can detect surrounding obstacles in real time, identify other vehicles, pedestrians, buildings, etc. on the road, and help self-driving vehicles or robots avoid collisions.

3. Target tracking and recognition: Laser Lidar can track the movement of target objects and detect their speed and direction in real time, which can be used for target tracking and recognition. This has important applications in security monitoring, military reconnaissance and other fields.

4. Precise positioning and navigation: By combining with other sensors, the single point lidar can provide high-precision positioning and navigation information, helping the navigation system determine the position, direction and speed.

High-frequency lidar sensors have a wide range of applications in precise measurement, obstacle detection, target tracking, positioning and navigation, etc. They provide important support and foundation for intelligent industrial robots, smart home, security monitoring, environmental monitoring, mapping, building measurement, automatic driving and other fields.

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