Green Laser Distance Sensor

We all know that there are different colors according to different bands.

Light is an electromagnetic wave, according to its wavelength, which can be divided into ultraviolet light (1nm-400nm), visible light (400nm-700nm), green light (490~560nm), red light (620~780nm) and infrared light (700nm above) etc.

Let’s focus on the common difference between green light and red light:

1.Green light has a shorter wavelength than red light, but the beam carries more energy.
2.When the light is good during the day, the green light is clearer. The measurement range is also wider. The green light is much brighter than the red light, and the green light can be seen on an outdoor backlit wall during normal daytime, even if touches it, but the red light is difficult to
3. The realization of green laser is much more complicated than that of red laser, and requires the conversion of crystals. The price of green light laser sensor is higher than that of red light one.
4. From the perspective of work continuity, the power consumption of green light should be larger.
5. The line of red light is normal and thin, and the line of green light is thick. Of course, the red laser of the strong light type is also thick, and some lasers are much thicker and scattered than the green light. But this is nothing about good or bad of laser.

In recent years, Seakada has launched a green laser distance sensor with reasonable price and stable performance, which is favored by users with special requirements.
Let’s see this green laser ranging sensor parameters:



Special usage scenarios:
Here are some scenarios which red light laser measuring sensor is hard to achieve but green light can.

Because green light has better penetration, it can penetrate water well, so it is used for underwater robot detection, surface monitoring and other scenarios.  In this way, it can play the role of safety obstacle avoidance, rescue assistance, exploration and measurement.

In addition, the green light can measure the distance of the high-temperature solution that appears red. Due to the difference in the color of the light source, it can effectively avoid repetitive color interference, so as to achieve effective distance measurement.

It generally have requirements for the protection level of green light enclosure of special usage scenarios. Therefore, when making protection of IP67 level and above, it is necessary to provide a filter. That needs to choose the 520nm specification matching our Seakada green laser measurement products.

Because the green light ranging sensor components and technical requirements are relatively high, the cost is relatively high compared with other light sources, followed by the demand of the relatively small market.

It’s not common to found in Market ,only the manufacture who have the ability of researching and development ability like Seakada produce this type.

So welcome to consult our green light laser distance sensor, we are happy to provide our best offer!

Post time: Jul-11-2022