New product-IP67 industrial long-distance laser distance sensor launched

In the industrial production environment, industrial safety and high-quality production are very important. Therefore, Seakeda has launched a stable and reliable high-protection IP67 mm-level high-precision long-distance laser ranging sensor to provide industrial manufacturing customers with higher precision ranging technology, which provides a strong guarantee for the technical and product upgrades of industrial customers.

laser measurement sensor

The new industrial-grade high-precision long-distance laser measurement sensor has millimeter-level accuracy and a range of up to 100m. It supports RS485, RS232, TTL and other communication interfaces, has multiple measurement modes such as single and continuous, and has a high protection level of IP67, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor harsh application scenarios.


1. High precision, distance resolution up to 1mm

The laser distance sensor with millimeter-level detection accuracy is suitable for scenarios that require high accuracy and ranging in industrial inspection.

2. Industrial grade, the maximum range can reach 100m

While ensuring high precision, it has the characteristics of long detection distance, high integration and easy installation.

3. Support a variety of industrial interfaces, support a variety of device connections

Industrial interface: RS232/RS485, application device interface UART

4. High protection grade up to IP67

Good dust-proof and waterproof effect, the use of aluminum alloy shell makes the product more durable, its performance is more stable, and its service life is longer.

Application scenarios: material detection, oil rig distance detection, warehouse management box size detection, driving collision avoidance, driving claw positioning, container positioning roadway detection, buildings, bridges or tunnels, medical equipment, precise positioning detection, mine elevator positioning, etc. .


Our R&D department has also upgraded various series of laser measurement sensor products, updated components, improved the performance of the products, and made the products more competitive in the market! Our products will definitely help you win more market share!

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Post time: Sep-20-2022