Precautions for the use of laser distance sensors

Although the Seakeda laser ranging sensor is equipped with an IP54 or IP67 protective casing to protect the internal laser rangefinder module from damage, we also list the following precautions to avoid improper operation of the distance sensor during use, resulting in the sensor not being used normally.

Precautions of laser distance sensors

1. The sensor should be used under LUX 200 and the object under test should have a good reflectivity of about 70%. If you use it in higher light, please take care to protect the lens and the performance will be greatly reduced.

2. The module should be kept away from water and heavy dust to prevent dust from entering the inside of the lens and affecting the performance of the module, so it is recommended to use our laser distance sensor with a case for dust protection.

3. Do not use the laser to point directly to sunlight, extra strong light or to measure very bright surfaces. If you measure high-gloss materials within 10m, it will damage the ranging module hardware, cause the module to not work properly, and cause irreversible damage.

4. Do not change the sensor structure and components by yourself. If you have special needs, you can contact our relevant personnel for customization.

5. Please refer to the camera lens for lens protection and cleaning. Under normal circumstances, please gently blow off a small amount of dust; if you need to wipe, please use a special lens paper to wipe the surface in one direction; if you need to clean, please use a cotton swab dipped in a little pure water to wipe in one direction for many times, and then use the dust air blower dry.

6. If you need to customize the shell, you can ask our company for the 3D structure diagram of the specific model, and contact our hardware engineer to confirm that the structure is correct. If possible, please send us the installation standard procedure to see if there are any risks.

7. If there are any problems or questions during the test, please pay attention to taking photos or videos, and give detailed feedback in text. If you receive error feedback, there is an error code in the manual, please check it first. If you have other feedback beyond this error list, please contact our relevant personnel.

If you need to know more about laser measuring sensors, please contact us for detailed communication.

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Post time: Oct-09-2022