Diy Laser Rangefinder Long Distance Measurement Sensor

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B91 single-point laser ranging sensor is developed for fast and accurate measurement, and its lightweight design makes it suitable for applications with stricter volume and quality requirements. B91 adopts the phase measurement method, the range can reach 150m, accuracy is +/-3mm, and frequency is 3Hz, which can be set by the host computer. Using 620~690nm red light measurement, it can be integrated in high-precision phase measurement applications, including liquid level measurement (with reflector), accurate positioning of indoor large-scale equipment, material level meter and other occasions.


Measuring range: 0.03~150m

Accuracy: +/-3mm

Frequency: 3Hz

Laser type: class 2, 620~690nm, red light dot

Output: RS485


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The laser distance measurement sensor adopts the principle of laser phase method ranging. The distance value to the natural target can be measured quickly and accurately in a non-contact manner through the emission and reception of laser light. It can measure up to 150m, with a high precision of 3mm, good measurement performance, small size, and supports a variety of output methods. Widely used in track deformation measurement, port, high-precision measurement in harsh working conditions.


1. Range far 100m, high accuracy±3mm, frequency 3Hz
2. High stability and fewer errors
3. IP54 industrial grade protection
4. Rich output interfaces such as RS232 and RS485
5. Measurement principle of phase method
6. Small size
7. The nearest 3cm blind spot
8. Digital output mode

1. High Range Proximity Sensor


Model B91-150 Frequency 3Hz
Measuring Range 0.03~150m Size 78*67*28mm
Measuring Accuracy ±3mm Weight 72g
Laser Grade Class 2 Communication Mode Serial Communication, UART
Laser Type 620~690nm,<1mW Interface RS485(TTL/USB/RS232/ Bluetooth can be customized)
Working Voltage 5~32V Working Temperature 0~40℃(Wide temperature -10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ can be customized)
Measuring Time 0.4~4s Storage Temperature -25℃-~60℃


1. Under bad measure condition, like environment with strong light or the diffuse reflectance of measuring point over-high or low, the accuracy would have bigger amount of error:±3 mm+40PPM.

2. Under strong light or bad diffuse reflectance of target, please use a reflection board.

3. Operating temperature -10 ℃~50 ℃ can be customized.


The main applications of laser ranging sensors include:

position monitoring of moving objects;

railway catenary measurement, building boundary measurement;

inappropriate object measurement;

industrial automation and intelligent production management;

vehicle speed and flow statistics;

industrial monitoring signal trigger control;

XY positioning; automatic control of target distance;

monitoring of safe parking position of ships;

container positioning;

vehicle safety distance measurement;

elevated cable measurement, height limit measurement;

measurement of the width of boxes on conveyor belts, etc.

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2. High Resolution Distance Sensor


1. What is the minimum detection distance of the laser ranging sensor?

The minimum detection distance of the Seakeda laser sensor is 30mm. Of course, we also have ranging sensors without blind spots, please contact us for details.

2. Does the laser range sensor have strict requirements on the lighting environment?

For outdoor environment measurement, do not aim at strong light materials such as the sun or mirrors, which will easily damage the laser distance module. When the ambient light is too strong, a reflector can be added.

3. Can the laser measuring sensor achieve 360° scanning ranging?

At present, the Seakeda laser ranging sensor is a single-point laser measurement, and a rotating device needs to be added for 360° scanning.


For products, we have strict quality control and function testing process, all of our products have CE/ROHS/FCC certificates, according to international standards, we have established a set of modern quality management system and have obtained ISO9001/ISO14001 certificate. If you have any new ideas and suggestions about our laser range sensor, please feel free to contact us. Looking forward to cooperating with you and presenting satisfactory products to you.

3. Infrared Distance Sensor

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