Long Laser Distance 20Hz High Speed Distance Sensor

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J91-BC Long Range Distance Sensor is with measuring range 100m,and high frequency is 20Hz, that is to say, every 50 millisecond, it will report a distance, really fast. For the protocol, this is a serial port TTL output, also can connect with RS232/RS485 interface is optional also. Can be applied to Arduino, and Raspberry pi, MCU, and PLC. It has low power consumption, energy saving, with stable performance in outdoor environment.

Measuring range: 0.03~100m

               Accruacy: +/-3mm

            Frequency: 20Hz

                   Output: RS485

                     Laser: Class 2, 620~690nm, <1mW, red dot laser

Chengdu Seakeda Technology Co., Ltd. has been an expert in the field of laser technology, optics, electronics, and mechanical systems that make up laser range sensor. high speed laser distance sensor was developed for fast and precise distance measuring, even in difficult measurement conditions. it can be 20HZ in 100m long distance, mm accurate in 30m, makes it can work for more applications.

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Highest protection level IP67 high speed lidar sensor using the phase principle technology, based on this technology, the industrial laser sensor provide accurate, reliable measurement results. The lidar distance sensor use a measuring laser with laser class 2. Based on its measurement advantages, There will be good performance in many projects.
For example:
1, you can use outdoor or indoor displacement monitoring, it’s high accuracy will have good performance.
2, Warehouse logistics, the sensors can achieve accurate positioning and collision avoidance.
3, Industrial automation control and IOT project.
4, Equipment integration measure function: medical device, energy equipment, mechanical device.


• - Precise measurement of the displacement, distance and position on different surfaces

• - Visible lasers can be used to aim at targets

• - Large measuring range up to 100m, for both indoor and outdoor use

• - High repeatability 1mm

• - High accuracy +/-3mm and signal stability

• - Fast response time 20HZ

• - Extremely compact design and excellent price/performance ratio

• - Open interfaces, such as: RS485, RS232, TTL and so on

• -IP67 protective housing for easy installation and protection against water immersion and dust.

1. Industrial Laser Distance Sensor
2. Laser Distance Detector
3. Laser Distance Measure Sensor Arduino


Model J91-BC
Measuring Range 0.03~100m
Measuring Accuracy ±3mm
Laser Grade Class 2
Laser Type 620~690nm,<1mW
Working Voltage 6~36V
Measuring Time 0.4~4s
Frequency 20Hz
Size 122*84*37mm
Weight 515g
Communication Mode Serial Communication, UART
Interface RS485(TTL/USB/RS232/ Bluetooth can be customized)
Working Temperature -10~50℃(Wide temperature can be customized, Suitable for more harsh environments)
Storage Temperature -25℃-~60℃


Serial asynchronous communication

Baud rate: default baud rate 19200bps
Start bit: 1 bit
Data bits: 8 bits
Stop bit: 1 bit
Check Digit: None
Flow Control: None

Control instruction

Function Command
Turn on the laser AA 00 01 BE 00 01 00 01 C1
Turn off the laser AA 00 01 BE 00 01 00 00 C0
Enable single measurement AA 00 00 20 00 01 00 00 21
Start continuous measurement AA 00 00 20 00 01 00 04 25
Exit continuous measurement 58
read voltage AA 80 00 06 86

All commands in the table are based on the factory default address of 00. If the address is modified, please consult the after-sales service. The module supports networking, how to set the address for networking, and how to read it, you can consult the after-sales service.

The laser ranging sensor adopts the phase method laser ranging technology, which uses the frequency of the radio band to modulate the amplitude of the laser and measure the phase delay generated by one round-trip measurement of the modulated light, and then convert the phase delay represented by the wavelength of the modulated light. Distance, that is, the time it takes for light to travel back and forth by indirect methods.


1. What is the difference between a laser measuring sensor and a laser rangefinder?
The biggest difference lies in the processing method of the measurement data. After collecting the data, the laser ranging sensor can record the data of multiple measurements and transmit it to the display for analysis, while the laser range finder can only display one set of data without recording. function and transmission. Therefore, laser ranging sensors are used in industry, and laser ranging can be used in life.

2. Can the laser ranging sensor be used for car collision avoidance?
Yes, our high-frequency measurement sensors can measure and monitor in real time, sense the distance between the front and rear, and help the car avoid collisions.

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