Advantages of Laser Distance Sensors

The laser ranging sensor is a precision measuring sensor composed of a laser, a detector, and a measuring circuit. It can be applied to industrial automation, target collision avoidance, positioning, and medical equipment. So what are the advantages of laser range sensors?

Advantages of laser ranging sensors

1. Wide measurement range and high precision. The laser measuring sensor adopts phase and pulse measurement principles, with a measurement range of several meters to thousands of meters, and an accuracy of meters, centimeters, or even millimeters. Engineers with high precision requirements can choose our S series precision laser distance sensor up to 1mm.

2. Non-contact measurement. The laser range finder sensor adopts the laser linear method, which is directly reflected back to the receiver after detecting the distance, so that it does not need direct contact, and can measure some difficult-to-reach environments or untouchable targets.

3. Small size, easy to integrate. For the need to integrate the laser measurement sensor into its equipment, our distance sensor is your rare choice. In order not to take up too much equipment space, we have developed a variety of small-volume laser rangefinder sensor, and the operation is simple, you can easy integration. Contact our engineers to provide distance measurement sensor information.

4. 24 hours online real-time measurement. The laser range sensor can be used for single measurement or continuous measurement, and can be used in equipment systems that require remote control and real-time monitoring.

5. The laser distance sensor can be developed twice, and supports multiple interfaces to transmit data, such as UART, USB, RS232, RS485, Bluetooth, etc. It can be connected to MCU, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, industrial computer, PLC and other devices. If you want to know how to connect please contact us.

Laser Depth Sensor

The above are some of the advantages of laser ranging sensors. If you still have doubts about choosing a sensor, our technical engineers will answer your questions online, come and contact us!


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Post time: Dec-30-2022