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Seakeda long range laser distance sensor B91 is based on the principle of “phase method” for distance measurement, and the measurement distance can reach 100m. With “CLASS 2″ red laser, it is easy to aim at the object to be measured. It has IP54 protection level, weighs less than 100g, and is light and easy to install. The precision laser distance sensor is a product of industrial measurement. It adopts industrial standard design, production and testing. It can carry out continuous measurement online 24 hours, and can test with multiple sets of networks. The laser distance measuring sensor is a powerful, accurate and non-contact industrial distance measuring device, which can be widely integrated into control and monitoring systems for various industrial purposes.

Measuring Range: 0.03~100m

                Accuracy: +/-3mm

             Frequency: 3Hz

                      Laser: Class 2, 620~690nm

Seakeda is committed to more accurate and simple measurement sensors, and cooperates with the world’s leading high-tech and industrial manufacturers to provide customers with global advanced measurement solutions. By providing laser ranging technology for key measurements, it eliminates the need for harsh environments. Limitations on sensors enable customers to get the best results.

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Long range laser distance sensor is a modern tool that uses laser for measurement, and it can measure the target more accurately. The laser distance sensor long range can emit a laser beam when measuring. When it touches the target, the laser beam will be reflected back, and the distance of the target can be calculated by using the speed of light and the reflection time. The speed of laser propagation is very fast, and the light will not be affected by other external factors during the propagation process, so the trajectory of laser propagation is generally straight, so the measurement error is relatively small, and its measurement speed is very fast, accurate measurements can be made in just a few seconds. The precision laser distance sensor can quickly and accurately measure the distance to the target, and the measurement results can be transmitted to the surrounding devices with RS485 protocol interface through the RS485 interface of the laser measurement sensor for detection, control and other applications. The control of the sensor can also be accomplished through a computer, PLC, industrial computer or other devices connected to it.

Laser Sensor For Distance Measurement


Seakeda tof laser distance sensors are rugged, accurate, cost-effective and easy to integrate into most customers' control systems.

Wide temperature range available from -10 to +50 °C

Measuring distance up to 100m

Accuracy up to 3mm over the entire range

Fast measurement at 3 Hz

Multiple outputs with built-in standards: UART TTL, RS232, RS485, Analog, Digital


Model B91-IP54 Frequency 3Hz
Measuring Range 0.03~100m Size 78*67*28mm
Measuring Accuracy ±3mm Weight 72g
Laser Grade Class 2 Communication Mode Serial Communication, UART
Laser Type 620~690nm,<1mW Interface RS485(TTL/USB/RS232/ Bluetooth can be customized)
Working Voltage 5~32V Working Temperature 0~40(Wide temperature -10 ~ 50 can be customized)
Measuring Time 0.4~4s Storage Temperature -25-~60


1. Under bad measure condition, like environment with strong light or the diffuse reflectance of measuring point over-high or low, the accuracy would have bigger amount of error: ±3 mm± 50PPM.

2. Under strong light or bad diffuse reflectance of target, please use a reflection board

3. Operating temperature -10 ~50 can be customized

4. 150m can be customized


Uses of long distance laser rangefinder sensor:

1. Device positioning.

2. Measure the material level of the material bag.

3. Measure the object distance and object height on the conveyor belt.

4. Measure the log diameter.

5. Protect overhead cranes from collisions.

6. Anti-collision for industrial robots.

7. Non-contact hole depth measurement.

8. Tunnel distance deformation monitoring.

9. Monitoring the moving position of large machinery and equipment.

Laser Range Finder Module
Length Measuring Sensor

Measurement Mode

There are two measurement modes: single measurement and continuous measurement.

Single Measurement Orders one result at a time for a measurement.

If the host does not interrupt the continuous measurement, the continuous measurement distance results will continue to be returned. To interrupt the continuous measurement, the host needs to send 1 byte of 0x58 (the uppercase character 'X' in ASCII) during the measurement.

Each measurement mode has three working modes:

In automatic mode, the module returns measurement results and signal quality (SQ), smaller SQ values represent more reliable distance results, in this mode the module adjusts the reading speed according to the laser reflection level.

Slow mode for more precision.

Fast mode, higher frequency, lower precision.

Mode Auto Slow Fast
1-shot 1-shot Auto 1-shot Slow 1-shot Fast
Continuous Continuous Auto Continuous Slow Continuous Fast
Measure Speed Auto Slow Fast
Measure Accuracy Auto High Low


1. What measurement techniques does Seakeda use?

Seakeda accurate distance measurement sensor is based on phase measurement, pulse measurement and TOF measurement principles.

2. Can Seakeda send analog signals?

Yes, we can add a digital to analog converter to the sensor.

3. What are good/usual measurement conditions for industrial laser distance sensors?

The reflective target has good reflective properties, which means that the laser is reflected in a diffuse way instead of direct reflection; the spot brightness of the laser is higher than the brightness of the surrounding environment; the operating temperature is within the allowable temperature range of 0~40°C (customizable -10~ 50°C)

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