How To Test Laser Distance Sensor

Dear all customers, after you’re ordering our laser distance sensors, do you know how to test it? We will explain it to you in detail through this article. you will receive our user manual, test software and instruction by email, if our sales does not send, please contact us in time to provide. Or you can download it from our website, please check this link: https://www.seakeda.com/download/

And please carefully check ranging sensor and notice the basic but most important points as below:

A.you can wear our anti-static gloves in the parcel when you take our laser rangefinder module by hand.
B.watch out the working voltage and current as per module. Any excess will bring the irreversible damage.
C.make sure the connection is done properly, and the reference to the welded cables and other interface like the USB, RS232, RS485, and bluetooth plug in your device successfully.

Secondly, let’s move to the test itself.

After loaded the Test Software:

Double click the test software and open it. Select the correct port and baud rate.

Point the open the port; Click the "Measure" when a single measurement is required.

Click "ConMeaure" when Continuous measurement is needed, excite "StopMeasure" to exit continuous measure.

The real time distance record has been parsed, can be seen in the date record box on right.

We also have a test operation video clearly displayed, video link: https://youtu.be/dpHjqCOEIsE, if you have any unclear please feel free to contact us.

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Post time: Jul-11-2022