10m IP54 Waterproof Laser Rangefinder Sensor Raspberry Pi

Short Description:

Working Principle: Adopt phase laser ranging principle, non-contact and precise distance measurement

High Accuracy: 1mm high precision, low error rate.

Long Distance Measuring: Ranging up to 10 meters, stable performance.

Protection: IP54 housing, protect the internal laser range finder module from damage, can be suitable for outdoor environment, the housing has 4 fixing holes, easy to install, wide voltage output 5~32V, so it can easily meet most needs.

Widely Application: Industrial security, smart transportation, smart home, autonomous vehicles, Smart Logistics, UAV & Drone, volume detection system, Coal Volume Measuring, etc.

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Product Introduction

S91 is mainly composed of laser ranging core, wireless telex unit, wireless communication unit, mechanical casing, etc.  Measuring range 10m with high accuracy 1mm, small size 63*30*12mm, easy to assemble.

Short range distance sensor uses phase measurement technology, emits an infrared laser forward, and the laser is reflected to the single-photon receiving unit after encountering the target object. From this, we obtained the time when the laser was emitted and the time when the single-photon receiving unit received the laser. The time difference between the two is the time of flight of light, and the time of flight can be combined with the speed of light to calculate the distance.

Data Interface:

- Communication Interface: RS485, Support long-distance transmission, easy integration, easy installation, suitable for a variety of devices.


USART interfaces

Baud rate: the default baud rate is 19200bps or automatic detection (9600bps to 115,200 BPS is recommended)

Start bit: 1 bit

Data bit: 8 bits

Stop bit: 1 bit

Parity bit: None

Flow control: None

Measurement mode:

There are two measurement modes: single measurement and continuous measurement.

A single measurement commands a result at a time;

If the host does not interrupt the continuous measurement, the continuous measurement distance results up to 255 times.

1. Proximity Sensor Range


1. With IP54 protective shell, and small size, easy to install and apply, it also enhances the function of protecting the module and reduces the static electricity of the module

2. Wide voltage output 5~32V, low power consumption, provides more choices for large voltage range in industrial scenarios, and also avoids possible damage to the module by the voltage power supply.

3. The RS485 industrial interface supports long-distance stable transmission, providing more favorable help for signal transfer.

4. light weight, easy to install, easy to fix.

5. The connector is designed to facilitate the selection of different output interfaces for testing.

6. The measurement data is stable and supports single measurement/continuous measurement function.


Model S91-10
Measuring Range 0.03~10m
Measuring Accuracy ±1mm
Laser Grade Class 2
Laser Type 620~690nm,<1mW
Working Voltage 6~32V
Measuring Time 0.4~4s
Frequency 3Hz
Size 63*30*12mm
Weight 20.5g
Communication Mode Serial Communication, UART
Interface RS485(TTL/USB/RS232/ Bluetooth can be customized)
Working Temperature 0~40℃(Wide temperature -10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ can be customized)
Storage Temperature -25℃-~60℃


1. Under bad measure condition, like environment with strong light or the diffuse reflectance of measuring point over-high or low, the accuracy would have bigger amount of error: ±1 mm± 50PPM.

2. Under strong light or bad diffuse reflectance of target, please use a reflection board

3. Operating temperature -10 ℃~50 ℃ can be customized


Laser ranging sensors have been widely used in:

- Medical industry, precision measurement of human distance, intelligent pharmacy storage measurement, medical device positioning, etc

- measurement of distance traveled by large structural components, such as elevator shafts;

- Detection of structural deformation of large buildings, such as tunnels;

- Long-distance measurement, such as aircraft altitude, engineering surveying and mapping;

The characteristics of laser measuring distance sensor are long measuring distance, high precision, non-contact and high measuring frequency.

2. Infrared Range Sensor

Customer Feedback

The precision of the laser modules is remarkable, even without using a reflector. Furthermore the customer service is very friendly and helpful. The units arrived preconfigured for instant use via bluetooth, so operating them worked out of the box. Shipping via FedEx from China to Germany took only a few days. We really can recommend the seller, the service, as well as the product.


 4. Laser Distance Sensor Rs485

Did a side by side comparison with a a Leica disto x4 and the measurements were the same.  This is much higher accuracy and precision than expected.  The USB dongle and pre-configured test software was an excellent way to get started, but it was just as easy to configure for direct serial connection to raspberry pi.  Very pleased with performance so far!

----Jonathan,United States

3. Laser Range Finder Sensor Arduino

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