Industry Automation

Industry Automation

Industrial automation is the widespread use of automatic control and automatic adjustment devices in industrial production to replace manual operation of machines and machine systems for processing and production, thereby improving production efficiency. Under the trend of the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0, with the development of laser ranging technology, it has been widely used in monitoring in the industrial production process and positioning systems for various equipment.

twer crane height warning

Tower Crane Height Warning

The laser ranging sensor is a non-contact distance measurement method, which can measure the distance of the staff that cannot reach or some special places, and the measurement is convenient and safe. Laser ranging sensors are more reliable when taking crane measurements.
The laser ranging sensor accurately measures the target distance through laser, which has high accuracy, is very convenient to operate, and is easy to install. Therefore, the error of the crane girder span, the crane girder deflection and the diagonal line of the wheel, the vertical height of the crane to the ground , crane anti-collision and other aspects to measure and give early warning. Recommend Products

Elevator Lift Warning

The laser distance sensor is installed at the upper or lower terminal position in the elevator shaft. Through continuous measurement, real-time feedback data, trigger induction to control the elevator to rise, fall and stay on the floor, stop and drive the elevator safely. The laser ranging sensor has a long measuring distance, high frequency and high precision, which can realize reliable detection, and with its strong metal casing, flexible installation, it can also adapt to harsh environments very well. Recommend Products

Elevator Lift Warning
Thermal imager with laser distance

Thermal Imaging Ranging

Thermal imager is a multifunctional and intelligent instrument, which can measure the temperature of objects and turn it into a visual image. It is widely used in electrical equipment detection, environmental monitoring, medical and military fields, and is non-contact, intuitive and fast in response. Etc. At present, the laser ranging module is added to the thermal imaging equipment, that is, the functions of long-distance measurement and target position positioning are added. Especially for dangerous monitoring targets, the real-time measurement of the distance between the target and the personnel can allow personnel to discover potential safety hazards and defects in a safe distance and give early warning. Recommend Products

Tunnel Deformation Monitoring

The structural characteristics of the tunnel have a direct impact on subsequent use and safety, so tunnel deformation monitoring is very important. Laser ranging can realize high-precision measurement of tunnel settlement. This method sets laser emitting devices on both sides of the tunnel, and collects data from two angles of measurement distance and direction according to laser signals, so as to realize real-time monitoring of tunnel deformation. Recommend Product

Tunnel deformation monitoring