Arduino Long Range Radar Laser Distance Sensor 100m

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B92 is an industrial-grade high-precision long-distance laser ranging sensor with millimeter-level accuracy and a range of up to 100m. It supports a variety of communication interfaces, such as TTL, RS232, RS485, etc., with a variety of measurement modes such as single and continuous, and the IP54 protection level makes it suitable for a variety of application scenarios.

Measuring range: 0.03~100 meters,

Millimeter-level accuracy, up to 3mm,

Class II laser, red laser,

Digital output, RS485 interface,

IP54 protection grade enclosure,

0~40℃ working temperature, wide temperature can be customized.


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The distance sensor series B92 based on phase laser technology combines high reliability, measurement performance, flexibility and a perfect price/performance ratio in a very compact housing. The measuring range can reach 100 meters, and the repeatability can reach 3mm. Use the RS485 industrial interface to transmit data signals. Class 2 laser class, the emitted laser type is red laser, enabling easy alignment and real-time position measurement, integrated smart mounting solution for easy alignment and fastening.


1. Different interfaces can be combined with measuring ranges of 100 or 150 meters, enabling simple and fast integration into most production environments

2. Measurement with high accuracy and reliability helps to improve the stability of automatic processes

3. Small size and safety blind area enable flexible installation in narrow spaces

1. High Precision Distance Sensor Arduino
2. High Precision Laser Distance Measurer
3. High Precision Laser Measurement


Model B92-100 Frequency 3Hz
Measuring Range 0.03~100m Size 78*67*28mm
Measuring Accuracy ±3mm Weight 72g
Laser Grade Class 2 Communication Mode Serial Communication, UART
Laser Type 620~690nm,<1mW Interface RS232(TTL/USB/RS485/ Bluetooth can be customized)
Working Voltage 5~32V Working Temperature 0~40℃(Wide temperature -10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ can be customized)
Measuring Time 0.4~4s Storage Temperature -25℃-~60℃


1. Do not use the laser to point directly at sunlight, extremely strong light or measure very bright surfaces

2. Do not change the module structure and components by yourself

3. For lens protection and cleaning, please refer to the camera lens


• Positioning or anti-collision monitoring of shuttles, land transport vehicles, overhead cranes and laterally moving vehicles, etc.

• Thrust, rack occupancy or load height control in logistics applications

• Measure and detect distant objects


1. What are the influencing factors of laser range sensor measurement?

The color effect of the target object, the target material ground factor, the metal smooth surface

2. What is the laser wavelength in the laser distance measurement sensor?

Laser wavelength refers to the output wavelength of the laser, which is an important parameter of the laser output beam. Generally, the visible light wavelength that can be clearly distinguished by the human eye is basically between 400nm and 700nm. Seakeda laser sensor uses a visible laser with a laser wavelength of 620nm-690nm.

3. Is the laser distance sensor greatly affected by outdoor factors?

The laser ranging sensor is mainly affected by the following climatic factors: moderate to heavy rain, dense fog, strong light, etc., will make the data output of the sensor have gaps, so when selecting the sensor model, you can contact our technology to provide selection suggestions .

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