100m Long Range Laser Measurement Sensor Outdoor

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SKDBA6A adopts phase-type laser measurement technology, with stable measurement and millimeter-level accuracy, suitable for short and medium distance measurement. The Class laser is adopted, which conforms to international standards, and the power is less than 1mW, which is harmless to the human body. SEDBA6A Laser Distance Sensor Long Range adopts aluminum alloy shell, protection grade IP67, dustproof and waterproof, working temperature -10to 50, can deal with harsh outdoor environment.

 Range: 0.03~100m

Accuracy: +/-3mm

Frequency: 3Hz

Protection: IP67

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The XKDBA6A long range distance sensor has a measurement range of up to 100m, a high precision of 3mm, and a measurement frequency of 3Hz. We also have 20Hz options. RS485 interface, also supports various data output types of TTL, RS232 and Bluetooth. The rangefinder sensor can be controlled by the command of the host computer or automatically measured when powered on. The communication protocol is concise and clear, and the system integration is easy to use. IP67 protective housing with reserved mounting holes for easy installation. The XKDBA6A laser distance detector has a large measurement range, is resistant to strong light interference (but cannot measure distances facing the sun), is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, and can measure relatively stationary objects or the measured object moves slowly.

Long Range Lidar Sensor
Lidar Distance Measurement


Model XKDBA6A Frequency 3Hz
Measuring Range 0.03~100m Size 97*65*34mm
Measuring Accuracy ±3mm Weight 406g
Laser Grade Class 2 Communication Mode Serial Communication, UART
Laser Type 620~690nm,<1mW Interface RS485(TTL/USB/RS485/ Bluetooth can be customized)
Working Voltage 5~32V Working Temperature -10~ 50
Measuring Time 0.4~4s Storage Temperature -25-~60


1. Under bad measure condition, like environment with strong light or the diffuse reflectance of measuring point over-high or low, the accuracy would have bigger amount of error: ±1 mm± 50PPM.

2. Under strong light or bad diffuse reflectance of target, please use a reflection board

3. Notice angel of pitch, the laser beam should be as parallel to the installation level as possible.


Laser Height Measurement Sensor


XKDBA6A laser range finder sensor can be applied to complex industrial environments due to its high IP67 protection level, such as production line material detection, oil drilling rig distance detection, steel mill cutting detection; metal billet thickness detection; port crane claw positioning, container positioning; roadway detection ; Building, bridge or tunnel detection, medical device detection; precise positioning detection; mine elevator positioning; the above are some of the applicable scenarios for Seakeda laser rangefinder sensor, and more high-precision application scenarios are waiting for you to explore and realize together. Seakeda is committed to Provide customers with cost-effective laser sensors.


1. How to get sample of laser measurement sensor?

Seakeda has a variety of models with different ranges, accuracies, frequencies, etc. We can recommend matching models according to your application scenarios, so if you need samples, please contact us.

2. Can a laser measuring sensor measure through glass?

Measurements through glass are not recommended as there will be signal loss and reflections on the glass may negatively affect accuracy.

3. Can dust affect laser measurements?

The effect of dust on distance measurements depends on the density of the dust. If a major part of the laser beam is reflected by dust particles, this can negatively affect the distance measurement (measurement error). Typically, this only occurs in environments with very high dust concentrations, such as cement silos. If you need to use it in a dusty environment, it is recommended to add a cleaning device, and you can contact us to discuss the customized housing design.

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