RS232 High Accuracy Laser Distance Sensor

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Based on the laser ranging module, the S92 has added a protection device to avoid damage to the module, and can be used in more application scenarios. 10m measuring range, support RS232 data output.

Measuring Range: 0.03~10/20m

Accuracy: +/-1mm

Frequency: 3Hz

Interface: RS232 output

Voltage: 6~32V

Laser: Class 2, 620~690nm, <1mW

Seakeda focuses on laser ranging technology and uses many years of R&D and production experience. The products have laser ranging sensors of phase method, pulse type, TOF high frequency and other series.

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Since S92 high accuracy laser distance sensor was released, it has quickly become a hot laser distance sensor. Lots of clients like it very much. S92 distance sensor has a smaller size, 63*30*12mm, but this model can measure long distance 10m. It has a high accuracy ±1mm, which can accurately measure distance.S92 accuracy distance sensor has a IP54 housing, protecting ranging module inside from injury and easy to fix sensor, this helps customers reduce a lot of problems. Such as structural and testing issues. S92 laser sensor has a wide voltage, 6V-32V. It meets the different voltage requirements of different customers.

4. long range laser


1. The minimum range is 3 cm, the maximum range is 10 meters (other ranges can be customized)
2. Frequency response 3Hz (other frequencies 8Hz, 20Hz, etc. can be selected or customized)
3. Resolution 1mm
4. Support multiple sensor networking
5. RS232 serial port interface, can support other interface communication such as TTL, RS485, Bluetooth, etc.
6. Non-contact precision measurement

3. laser range sensor
1. laser proximity sensor
2. tof sensor arduino


Model S92-10
Measuring Range 0.03~10m
Measuring Accuracy ±1mm
Laser Grade Class 2
Laser Type 620~690nm,<1mW
Working Voltage 6~32V
Measuring Time 0.4~4s
Frequency 3Hz
Size 63*30*12mm
Weight 20.5g
Communication Mode Serial Communication, UART
Interface RS232(TTL/USB/RS485/ Bluetooth can be customized)
Working Temperature 0~40℃(Wide temperature -10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ can be customized)
Storage Temperature -25℃-~60℃


Because of its small size, accurate measurement and stable performance, the high accuracy distance sensor is suitable for intelligent granary, warehousing and logistics, drones, material measurement and other directions.

5. laser measurement sensor


1. Are you factory or wholesaler or trading company?
We're the one of three leading laser measure manufacturers in China, production capacity up 10000 units/day.
2. What’s the delivery time after an order placed for this high precision laser distance sensor?
Our standard delivery is 3 days if we have stock, otherwise we will let you know in time, usually we manufacture 5000pcs a day.
3. What’s the MOQ?
Regular products only 1pcs, OEM/ODM products need 1000pcs at least.
4. What’s the warranty of the high precision distance sensor?
All our products have one year guarantee and a life-time after sales service.
5. Can I have a sample for testing?
Yes. We do not offer free samples, but will reimburse the buyer once an order is confirmed.
6. Can you offer customized service?
Yes, we can offer customized service. If your laser measurement project has other requirements, please contact us.

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